Python Program to check Prime Number

Python Program to check Prime Number

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·Nov 30, 2021·

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The program we will be creating will determine whether a number is a prime number or not. In this case, we will ask the user for a number he wishes to check for prime number.


We'll loop and divide the number with all the numbers less than that number except 1. If any number divides it completely without leaving a remainder, then it is not a prime number, and if it cannot be divided, then it is a prime number.

Source Code

n= int(input("Enter a number "))
for x in range(2,n):
    if n%x==0:
if x+1==n:
    print (n,"is a prime number")
    print (n,"is not a prime number")


Enter a number 1523
1523 is a prime number
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